Edge of Hope is the debut novel of writer Alina Popescu, the first book in the Bad Blood Trilogy, a story of vampires, love, struggles, and a constant fight for survival.

Edge of Hope (Bad Blood I)

The Edge of Hope (Bad Blood, #1)

When tall, dark, and gorgeous shows up on your self-prescribed emotional recovery vacation, some would call it fate smiling down on you. If he also happens to be interested in your work and ready to make all the room you need in his life, it starts to sound too good to be true. Alexa skips the doubts and jumps right in, only to be thrown into the mysterious world of vampires.

The secrets of their origin and their very existence are far more important than her life to some of her new acquaintances. They are ancient, they are powerful, they have unlimited resources, and they are keen on controlling what the world knows of their kind. As Alexa discovers their complicated, blood feud bound world, she tries to better understand herself, heal old wounds and give love chance after chance. Will she survive the journey?

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So, based on the blurb and the trailer, I thought this might be a big and dark, brooding vampire novel. It wasn’t. Instead, it was a pleasant surprise. Yes, there is plenty of vampire mythology and some great mystery (also, a cliffhanger, but the author DOES warn you!), but what was refreshing was that this felt like it could be about regular people. Except the vampires.

One thing I particularly enjoyed was the setting, but also that the author is from Romania. We always get these vampire stories set in Bucharest or Prague or cool, exotic locations, but they’re written by Americans or English folk who MAYBE have visited once or twice. Seeing these settings as they are, through a native’s eyes, was one of the most engaging parts of the novel. I am a big fan of writers using what they know and showing their love for place in their storytelling. Edge of Hope does that, but it’s also not alienating to people who have not been there.

The characters were very well developed and I particularly liked the interplay in their dialogue. Again, I went in expecting a lot of brooding and instead, I got geeky gamers and writers. It was such a nice change, but the characters weren’t so geeky or niche that they aren’t still people anyone could know.

Finally, the writing. I know the author has been working on this for quite some time, but I’m admittedly wary of new writers sometimes. This doesn’t feel unpolished or like an amateur put it together. There is strong characterization, effective use of setting, clear dialogue and plot development, and the editing is clean. I slipped into the book quickly and never felt like I was reading an ARC from a new writer for a blog tour (which often happens when doing this). Kudos to Alina, because she has quite the career ahead of her.

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About the author

profile Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and even won awards in local competitions. She has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm, which explains her deep love for vampires and is also to blame for this trilogy.

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