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Today, I’d like to introduce you to the lovely Ana B. Ronning.  If you haven’t already met her, you really must check out her wonderfully romantic series, “Love Lights”!

Love Lights - First Sight - Cover

There are three books to this series beginning with “First Sight”, the story of Mason Malone and Emma Rhodes.  Join them on their journey of falling in love the moment they meet and living with the difficulties of controlling their sexual desires for one another as Emma struggles to maintain her vow of abstinence before marriage.  But, not to worry…Ana doesn’t leave us without some hot steamy sex when they finally give in to their yearnings for each other.

Ties That Bind

The second story, “Ties That Bind”, tells us of Clay Sharp, Mason’s closest friend and Julianna Cross, who has been a victim of sexual abuse and has difficulty putting her trust in any man.  Again, super-hot sex is conveyed and the story is one of a man’s extreme love and understanding for his soul mate.  A beautiful love story, indeed.

One More Night

In the third, and hopefully not the final book of the “Love Lights” series, “One More Night”, Ana carries on with the same characters heavily involved with the on-going story of love within this circle of friends.  Jonathan, older brother to Julianna from “Ties That Bind”, had been searching for Jules for four long years and didn’t have time for “extra-curricular activities” in his life.  Now that his sister is found and safe in the arms of Clay Sharp, he is free to show some much needed attention to a certain part of his anatomy.  He meets the woman of his dreams, Katherine St. Clair, and has a one night stand with her…but unexpectedly, he feels he wants more of her…much more of her.  He begins his pursuit only to find she is nursing a broken heart after her brother and fiancé are killed in a terrible accident.  She’s convinced that she must protect her heart at all costs from ever feeling such pain and anguish again.  Jonathan must break down her walls and convince her that trusting in love again is the only way she’ll heal from her heartache.

Ana has been busy with a short romance, which will be published very soon, and is currently working on a new series about seven brothers and their stories of how they met their true loves.

The upcoming short story is titled “True Love Waits”.  Enjoy this blurb and a little excerpt from this truly romantic read.

Brad and Marti 2blog 844475-naked-young-couple-kissing-and-embracing (2)

“Marti, I love you. I have always loved you. And, now I’m going to show you just how much I will always love you.”

Marti Willis left her hometown of Leesburg, Virginia eleven years ago to chase her life time dream of becoming an editor at one of the most prominent publishing companies in New York. After graduating from NYU, she landed her dream job and married a friend from college. After six years of a rocky marriage and learning she couldn’t have children, she divorced her husband and moved back home to take over her mother’s book store. Running into her old flame, Brad Mason, was foremost on her mind. They had been madly in love when she left for New York and Brad wanted to marry her. But his life was in Leesburg, so Marti made the tough decision to break ties with Brad and pursue her dream. The fact is, she’s never stopped thinking about Brad and how much she wished she’d stayed. But not being able to have kids was something she didn’t want for him. He had his heart set on having a family and she couldn’t take that away from him. He’d be much better off without her.

Brad Mason had never loved any other woman but Marti Willis. He kept up with her life through her mother. When he learned that Marti and her husband divorced, he knew deep down that she would come back to him and they would be together. He began making plans for their future before he’d even seen or heard from her. He’d always known they were meant to be together. It was just a matter of time, and now that she’s returning to Leesburg, the time has come to claim her as his own once again. His patience has paid off and now he can have the family he’s always wanted.

When Brad and Marti come face to face, the old flame ignites uncontrollably and Marti finds herself struggling to keep her distance from him. Brad is relentless in his pursuit of her and all he can think of is taking her home with him and never letting her go again.

Marti falls under Brads spell and into his bed only to break his heart once again with the revelation that she can’t have children. Brad is shocked and speechless, causing Marti to run away in despair and with yet another broken heart.

Will Brad be able to overlook having a family and love only Marti, or will his dream of having a family tear their love apart for good?


“Marti?”  A man called from the parking lot.  Marti looked up with wide eyes and saw him climbing off a Harley and slowly walking toward her.

“Brad.”  She whispered under her breath.

“It is you!”  He smiled excitedly and picked up his pace a little.  “I’ll be damned!  Judith told me you were coming home, but I didn’t believe it.”

Marti just stood there wide eyed and speechless.  Eleven years had been good to him.  Very good indeed.  His hair was still that chocolate brown and wavy, but shorter, sexier.  His smile was still to die for and he obviously still worked out regularly.  He wore aviator glasses and a black leather jacket that covered a dark gray t-shirt.  His jeans were faded and sexy as hell the way they clung to his thigh muscles.

“Brad?”  Was all she could force out of her mouth.  The sight of him brought back old feelings as if they were still fresh.  His brilliant smile made her weak in the knees and she wanted to jump him right there in the parking lot.

He chuckled.  “Well, of course.  Who’d you think I was?”  He stopped just inches in front of her and took her in is arms.  “God, it’s good to see you.”  He whispered in her ear.  A chill flowed down her spine like electricity.  He kissed her cheek and froze there for a brief moment taking in her scent.  He pulled away and held her at arms length.  “You look amazing.  You’re even more beautiful than I remembered.”

“Th-thank you.”  She muttered.  “You too.”

Dixie gave a soft grunt and nudged Marti’s hand.  Brad looked down at the golden beauty and knelt, taking her face in both hands and rubbing his nose to hers and her forehead.  “And, who might you be, gorgeous?”  He smiled and roughed up her fur.

“Dixie.”  Marti smiled down at them.  “She’s my baby.”  She said proudly.

“Well, she suits you.”  He said standing, not moving away from Marti.  His eyes glared into hers.  “Marti…”  He said, shaking his head in disbelief that she was standing in front of him.

She stepped back a couple of steps and brushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear.  “How’ve you been, Brad?”  She asked, not wanting to face the inevitable conversation between the two of them.  “I hear your business is doing very well.”  She said, hoping to distract him from his obvious train of thought.

Brad sighed in disappointment.  She’s just not gonna let me in, is she?  And, here I was, hoping for a second chance with her.  He stifled a moan of regret.  Guess I thought she’d come running back to me with open arms.  Maybe I was never enough for her.  I wasn’t enough to make her stay before.  And, let’s face it, she didn’t come back for me now.

“Yeah.  It’s really taken off the last couple of years.”  He said looking at the oak tree.  Marti knew he was remembering their first kiss too.  He looked back at her and smiled.  “So, are you going in for a bite?”

“Yes.  I couldn’t pass up Marta’s hot apple pie.”  She snickered.

“A la mode!”  Brad added with a laugh.

“Oh, how could I forget?”  She said flirtatiously, feeling at ease with him all of a sudden.

Brad chuckled and placed his hand on her shoulder.  “Come on.  My treat.”



My name is Ana B. Ronning and I live in North Texas with my husband of twenty four years, Garrett, and our beautiful teenage daughter. I’m a stay at home mom at present, will be an empty nester in a couple of years and I plan to remain at home until retirement catches me.

I grew up in a small southern Texas town where people didn’t lock their doors at night in fear. My sister and I could be found either on our bikes, in a tree or just running barefoot through our huge back yard. We were rarely indoors and our mother would stand on the back porch and call to us when it was dinner time. We could hear her from blocks away when she’d call us, and come roaring into the yard on our bikes, usually racing to see who could get there first.

Most of my life, I really never liked to read. I was the athletic type and loved to play all kinds of sports. Reading was just plain boring to me most of my life. So, you can imagine my surprise when I found something that sparked a fire in me that I never knew existed.

I suppose I was stuck in a rut, not knowing what direction my life needed to go. I didn’t feel I was contributing enough. My daughter was growing up and didn’t need me anymore, for one. I wanted to feel that I was equally contributing to my family and to society. And, I most certainly wanted to make my amazing husband as proud of my accomplishments as I have been of his. Garrett has always been there for me, supported anything I wanted to do and he’s always had my back, no matter what.

I was searching for something to make me feel more adequate. I felt there was something missing…something important I was supposed to be doing.

As luck would have it, Garrett dragged me to a half price bookstore one day looking for something in particular for him. I was browsing through the Romance Novels as I waited for him, not intending on buying one. I noticed one that book that stood out among the others. It looked quite appealing, so I took it home and started reading it. By the end of the next day, I was finished with it. I loved it so much I asked Garrett to take me back to get the other two books I learned were in the series. They were read in three days.

This was sometime in Autumn of 2011, when I found my love for Romance Novels. I read just about everything this particular author wrote then found other authors I really liked. Garrett encouraged me to write a book of my own, so I wrote my first 19th Century Romance Novel in January of 2012 and finished it in April of 2012. I had never enjoyed something so much in my life, well, almost nothing else. I found what I wanted to do, my passion, and it only took me forty-three years to find it.

I finished the novel and went on to read more Romance novels, but more modern than 19th century. I fell in love with modern romance even more and started working on the “Love Lights” series. This was my true passion for writing romance. I enjoyed writing these three books and I do hope that you enjoy reading them. I will eventually publish my first, 19th century novel, in addition to a sequel to it, in the future, but for now, I have more writings that I am currently working on.

I truly loved writing this series and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Ana B. Ronning